E-Cast F-28 Clear Resin with 305 Hardener 2lb 11oz

E-Cast F-28 Clear Resin with 305 Hardener 2lb 11oz


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E-Cast F-28 Clear with 305 hardener is an unfilled two component epoxy that can be used when clarity is needed. It has a rigid cure with excellent adhesion and chemical resistance.

No pressure casting needed with proper mixing. 1 Year shelf life!

Wood must be stabilized or thinly coated and cured with this resin to prevent bubbles. Do not color with water-based colors. Always test colors by mixing a small amount of resin mixed with the hardener and the color you want to use to insure the color agent will work. 

Physical Properties @ 22°C
Color: Clear "D" Hardness ASTM D2240: 85
Viscosity Resin: 16,000 cps
Viscosity Hardener: 20 cps
Density Resin: 9.78 wpg
Density Hardener: 7.60 wpg
Specific Gravity, Resin: 1.17
Specific Gravity, Hardener: .91
Tensile Strength: 5500 psi
Shelf Life: 1 Year

Mixing & Cure Instructions
Ratio Parts by Weight: Parts Resin 100
Parts Hardener 30
Ratio Parts By Volume Parts Resin 2.6
Parts Hardener 1
Pot Life 100 gram Mass, Room Temp. (72°F) 100 minutes
Pot Life 340 gram (12 oz) Mass, room Temp. (72°F) 30 Minutes

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